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Upcoming Events

Come down and support our CKD Team as they compete against some of the best martial artists in the country.


DOJO Pizza Party, Come down and join the fun as we share pictures, videos, and stories of COMPETE.

Womens Self Defense. Our women's self defense class is a three hour workshop for women ages 13 and up. Learn how to protect yourself and evade attackers.


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Welcome To Champions Karate Dojo

Our mission is to guide students in a positive direction. In an effort to build camaraderie within our school, we hope to establish a trust between teachers, students, and parents. So that our students, your children, may become MASTERS in all aspects of LIFE.

“By far the best Dojo and Senseis I've had the pleasure of seeing. My wife & I have looked into Dragon dojos, Taekwondo, and Kung-Fu, and have yet to have any of the competition come close to what Champions Karate Dojo can offer.”   

Champions Karate Dojo is one of the best martial art's school that I've been to. I've observed several different other studios, but none of them comes close to the unique teaching style that the instructors there provide. The instructors there are friendly and personable and great when it comes to working with kids and adults. This is HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED!!”

More About Us


  • "What We Offer"
  • For all the youngsters out there sometimes it is not the easiest task and getting them to be discipline. Our Karate progams starts the foundation for a well rounded individual.
  • "MAX FIT"
  • Out MAX FIT program is designed for every individual. We welcome everyone to our ZERO JUDGEMENT facility, where encouragement and motivation is the key to success. Our goal together is to help each other live better, and develop and healthier way of LIFE. Compare us to CROSSFIT, BOOTCAMP, P90X, or INSANITY. CONTACT US TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CLASS!!